Satan’s Defeated

There is a common question many ask. Why does God not just crush Satan and be done with him? Why doesn’t He do something? Many theological debates are birthed from such a question and many have interesting viewpoints and answers. However the answer is quite simple really. He did do something, Jesus!
He sent the greatest answer to the Kingdom of Satan and that is Jesus! After Calvary a blow to the Kingdom of Satan was handed and Jesus and His Kingdom took back the keys to Life and Death. Some would still ask why is Satan still in existence and again the answer is quite simple, His Body The Church! Satan and his Kingdom has already been defeated they are just waiting on their sentencing trial, but there are many in our world that are still serving the Kingdom of Satan and the Church is still present to pull those in that Kingdom out and help place them in the Kingdom of Jesus.
No one knows how much time we have but its getting quite obvious that the end times are here and Satan’s Kingdom is shrinking and God’s Kingdom is expanding. It’s our job as the Church to go out into the Highways and Byways and compel them to come so that the Lord’s house maybe full!